• Trailerpark Festival (map)
  • Enghavevej 80
  • 2450 København
  • Denmark

Heidi & Herman will be designing the Soundvenue Stage at Trailerpark this year. They will add a shot of jungle fever, and guests can look forward to being enclosed by tropical vibes that will clear any trace of melancholia out of the system with a stage design oozing of tropical northern lights and techno-botanics. The participation of the crowds will put the finishing touches to their work and the Danish design duo is on a mission to give back an abundance of energy to the festival and its audience. Heidi & Herman have been working their magic creating intriguing and interactive pieces at Trailerpark before. Last summer, they transformed a caravan into an experimental cave that connected with the audience in the most literal sense by attaching electrodes to the heartbeats of the guests. We’re excited to see how they will transform the Soundvenue Stage this year.



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