• Trailerpark Festival (map)
  • Enghavevej 80
  • 2450 København
  • Denmark

Jakob Kvist is a 30 year old multi award winning lighting designer, based in Copenhagen Denmark. His works are often interdisciplinary, combining both installations, music and architecture. Jakob has been on display around Europe, and has recently been featured in the book SuperLux which covers the most important lighting projects in recent time. Jakob Kvist is one of Denmark’s younger light artists, who with a site-specic approach works primarily with an analogue approach where light is projected via filters, mirrors and fixtures. His work is developed so that the contexts historicity and distinctive architectural character is accentuated, explored or challenged. Jakob Kvist has also worked with music acts, such as Mike Sheridan, When Saints Go Machine, Mø, Quadron, WhoMadeWho and Reptile Youth. He has previously exhibited installations at the Copenhagen festivals Frost and Trailerpark. Including Strøm Festival, where he in collaboration with former Human League act Martyn Ware and Mike Sheridan a won the Ibyen award ’The Experience of the year’ for the concert at Tietgenkollegiet in 2013. Jakob Kvist has recently exhibited at Gefion, Copenhagen Art Fair and solo at Vess Gallery last November.


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