• Trailerpark Festival (map)
  • Enghavevej 80
  • 2450 København
  • Denmark

This summer, Hyland Mather aka The Lost Object, will be taking his ingenuity and love for materials and aesthetics to transform lost objects into a floating piece above the audience at the Rebel Stage. Hyland hunts for objects and will make the Rebel Stage by collecting whatever elements he finds around the setting and the final result will depend on the ground around Trailerpark and what it offers. The American artist and gallery owner finds, collects and arranges objects that have been discarded or abandoned by others and anything can happen when Mather goes exploring. “Just like an animal would hunt for whatever it needs, I hunt for objects. I like to dig through an old pile to create another pile of my own”, he explains. This creative recycling process is a discovery that always includes an element of surprise, since the outcome depends entirely on the ‘lots objects’ that end up being found. We can’t wait to see the result of this stage, made entirely by lost objects found in the surrounding area of the skatepark.


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