• Trailerpark Festival (map)
  • Enghavevej 80
  • 2450 København
  • Denmark

2015 turned out to be a stormy year for 20-year-old rapper Jamaika. While he was still in jail his debut song "Gode Dage Venter" (Good Days Will Come) took on a life of its own outside of the prison walls. Jamaika’s debut as a brutally honest story-teller was received so well that he was granted leave while serving his sentence to perform at Distortion 2015. From this point on "Gode Dage Venter" became a self-fulfilling prophecy and after his release the young rapper was in high demand. Taking reality as his point of departure, Jamaika adds tunes to his life and with promising hits such as "Velkommen til 15" (Welcome to 15) and "Blodskudt" (Bloodshot) he will be sure to stir up this years festival.



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