• Trailerpark festival (map)
  • Enghavevej 80
  • 2450 København
  • Denmark

Danish band Kentaur instantly create an intimate atmosphere with compelling compositions that seem simple, although they are anything but. Drawing on influences from electronica, acoustics, folk, R&B and pop, Kentaur capture the audience with sensitive neo-soul aimed directly at the heart. Lead singer Marc Roland’s deeply felt vocals has a soothing effect that urges the listeners to slow down, sit back and enjoy. Kentaur’s 2015 EP ‘Vertebra by Vertebra’ has sent the boys off to a flying start and they have received a warm welcome playing across Denmark and opening Copenhagen-based festival Frost. The members of Kentaur have a background from The Royal Danish Academy of Music, which shines through in their rhythmical perfection and love for classical strings. Bearing comparison with James Blake’s synth productions, Kentaur has a melancholic touch and invites Trailerparkaudience into a profound musical universe where time stands still. 


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