• Trailerpark Festival (map)
  • Enghavevej 80
  • 2450 København
  • Denmark

Soleima is Sarah Mariegaard’s solo project. Slowly but surely she charms the audience with her fragile and girlish voice. From her very first performance at Danish SPOT festival in 2015 she made it clear that her distinctive and innocent sound has an enchanting quality. Soleima’s first single ‘My Boi’ was released by British label This Is Music, and her FKA-Twigs-meets-Mø expression bodes well for the blond songstress’ future. Sarah Mariegaard, one-time member of the rap constellation Flødeklinikken, has teamed up with competent forces from Hot Chip and Suede in the making of her debut album to create the sound that is Soleima; Modern electro-pop filled with soul and R&B references carried by Sarah’s feminine and pure vocals. ‘Once Was' is the name of the first release from Soleima's forthcoming debut EP, which is expected to be released later this year and Trailerpark is proud to present this promising pop princess.



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