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Trailerpark Festival

Every year hundreds of artists, designers, musicians, architects, makers, and rebels gather in Copenhagen to create a truly unique festival together. Trailerpark Festival can only happen with the support of a lot of lovely volunteers that help us handle practical tasks. 

Trailerpark Festival is happening this year from July 30th to August 1st. But it’s not just during the festival that we need a lot of helping hands, also before the festival starts and the day after taking the festival down. So the volunteer shifts cover from the 23rd of July till August 2nd. 

A passionate family 

Now what qualifies you to be a part of our Trailerpark family? EVERYTHING! We need everyone who can lend a helping hand. You are a kind, smiling person, who loves meeting new people and working closely and effectively with others. By volunteering you become a part of that which enables Trailerpark Festival 2015 to happen. You become part of a family that shares a passion for creativity and culture. As a volunteer at the festival you also gain insight into how to produce a festival while having an amazing opportunity to make new friends and create a network within the festival business. 

Practical stuff 

The only thing you have to do in order to volunteer is to create a profile at the link below and take a minimum of 3 points, equivalent to 2 shifts, during the festival. You are of course, more than welcome to work more if you’re feelin’ it! 

Remember to be ready at your computer along with your friends about a month before the festival, when the sign-up for shifts open. As a thank you for all the great work every volunteer gets a partout ticket to the whole festival.

Do you have a specific interest in working as stagehands during the festival please send an email to:

If you have any questions what so ever, don’t hesitate to contact us on our e-mail: